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The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, under the ownership of Thomas Henry Ismay ordered its first steamship, the Oceanic from the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast. She was launched on 27 August 1870 and sailed on her maiden voyage on 2 March 1871. Over the next seven decades nearly a hundred ships sailed under the White Star Line flag. By 1933, under different management, the White Star Line was bankrupt and an enforced merger with the rival Cunard Line occurred..

On 10 May 1934 Cunard-White Star Ltd came into existence with the White Star Line contributing eight ships. By the end of 1936 only three, Laurentic (II), Britannic (III) and Georgic (II) remained. In 1947 the Cunard Steam Ship Company purchased the remaining White Star Line shares. On 31 December 1949 the name of the White Star Line was erased from the title as the company reverted to the Cunard Line. The Georgic and Britannic, both still proudly carrying the colours of the White Star Line, continued in service until 1956 and 1960 respectively. On 16 December 1960 the Britannic sailed her last voyage to the breakers yard.

The vessels of the White Star Line fleet were some of the finest, most beautiful ships to be seen. The company leaves behind a historic legacy of famous liners which are still appreciated to this day and are recorded in the database of White Star Line vessels hosted on this website. Statistics about the fleet are illustrated in the graphs and charts section of this website.

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Titanic memorials

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