Stevedores were charged with loading and unloading cargo from the great ocean liners that called at the city's port.  From the Titanic's arrival in Southampton on 3rd April 1912, the stevedores would have loaded the Titanic with her cargo destined for New York and all the provisions needed for passengers and crew for the voyage on 10th April.

In 2009 five metal pole-mounted sculptures were installed around the Holyrood estate, off Orchard Lane in Southampton.  The five sculptures were produced by sculptors Peach and Bill Shaw and depict key roles and characters from the city's history. 

The five are: the Titanic stevedore, the Agincourt Archer, the Sailor’s Angel, the Merchant Sailor and merchant Dame Claramunda.  Each represents a key period in the growth of the city, particular as a maritime port.

The Titanic Stevedore is approximately 2 metres in height and 3.5 metres from the ground.  When originally unveiled the Titanic's funnels and anchors were a bright brass colour, but these have weathered over time.  Also, the stevedore carried a pole hook over his left shoulder but this has since gone missing.

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